Southport Boats

Experience Excellence

Push down the throttles, slice through the seas and experience the excellence of Southport Center Console Boats. Whether you’re heading for the canyons with friends or day-tripping along the coast with family, you’ll appreciate every minute of your time on the water in a Southport center console boat. Sit back, smile and enjoy the ride on a Southport.

Excellence is Performance
Speed over the crests of waves comfortably. Feel the power of Yamaha four-stroke outboards. The Southport deep-V hull runs flat and the bow flair capably sheds spray. Designed by legendary C. Raymond Hunt Associates, Southport boats are smoother and more efficient to operate than other fishing and family boats on the market.

Excellence is Stability
Stand on the stable platform of a Southport and feel balanced. Fish from the side without an exaggerated heel. Load up your friends or family on the broad foredeck. Southports have a generous beam and unusual roominess that create exceptional sea-keeping abilities.

Excellence is Craftsmanship
Feel proud to bring your friends aboard your Southport. Show off her modern styling, hand-rubbed finishes, and Yankee construction. You’ll appreciate the attention to detail in every fitting and finish of a Southport.

EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE at an affordable investment. Contemporary styling, unmatched performance and ride, enviable fit and finish with drive away prices beginning at $143,900.

Come test ride one for yourself!

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Southport Boats

  • Southport 33 TE
  • Southport 33 FE
  • Southport 29 TE
  • Southport 29 FE
  • Southport 29 CC
  • Southport 27 CC