Please let everyone know that Miss B Haven arrived safe and sound yesterday!!!

People are already raving about her!!! One of the funniest stories from yesterday was actually the trucker. He said people were taking pictures of her out of their cars while driving down the highway!!! So he started taking pictures of them. Gotta love it. He also shared that all of you took particular care in making certain all was perfect for her transport. As he said to me “they really wanted to make sure everything went perfectly with this boat, and that it had a lot of meaning for them”. That’s what makes working with all of you so terrific, the pride and care you take in everything, is above and beyond. I have been the beneficiary of that and so has Miss B Haven, both 1 & 2. By the time all was said and done yesterday I didn’t really have much time on her so this weekend it will be full on!!!

Thanks for the time on Wednesday. It was great to come down and see her as well as take her out. What was really special was the opportunity to meet some to the great people at Crosby who have worked on the boat. She looks amazing and it is all a credit to them!!!!

Please thank everyone for all they have done. I couldn’t be more pleased and excited to show her off. You may hear the horn all the way to the Cape a few times this weekend!!!!

All my best.