Thank you so much for allowing Running Tide to stay at your dock.

We thoroughly enjoyed being there. It allowed us to see a lot of our friends in Osterville.

Your docks are wonderful-So peaceful and your dock hands could not be more helpful . Lilly, our Corgi, loved being there ,too!

We hope to be able to join you again in the future. Again, thank you so

Wishing you a great summer.




Please let everyone know that Miss B Haven arrived safe and sound yesterday!!!

People are already raving about her!!! One of the funniest stories from yesterday was actually the trucker. He said people were taking pictures of her out of their cars while driving down the highway!!! So he started taking pictures of them. Gotta love it. He also shared that all of you took particular care in making certain all was perfect for her transport. As he said to me “they really wanted to make sure everything went perfectly with this boat, and that it had a lot of meaning for them”. That’s what makes working with all of you so terrific, the pride and care you take in everything, is above and beyond. I have been the beneficiary of that and so has Miss B Haven, both 1 & 2. By the time all was said and done yesterday I didn’t really have much time on her so this weekend it will be full on!!!

Thanks for the time on Wednesday. It was great to come down and see her as well as take her out. What was really special was the opportunity to meet some to the great people at Crosby who have worked on the boat. She looks amazing and it is all a credit to them!!!!

Please thank everyone for all they have done. I couldn’t be more pleased and excited to show her off. You may hear the horn all the way to the Cape a few times this weekend!!!!

All my best.


Your whole team is always pleasant and helpful!
We wanted to say thanks. Enjoy the holidays and can’t wait to be back for next season.


For 3 decades my family has had a delightful relationship with Crosby Yacht Yard dating back to when Greg Egan was in sales with a doberman named MAX.  We began with a J-22 program, moved to custom sail boats built of carbon/nomex/balsa wood, added Boston Whalers, refurbed the family 13’ super sport with mahogany looking better than new and recently added a Crosby Harbor Cat to our fleet.

Crosby Yacht Yard has sold us boats, sold our boats, looked after our boats, kept our fleet bristol, designed and built boats for us.

Greg’s father even let us borrow his J-37(Zorro) to compete in the NYYC sesquicentennial regatta.  He was kind enough to provide us with his crew!

My children have grown up on the water at Crosby Yacht Yard and now my grandchildren are enjoying the same experience.  I keep hoping that one of them will want to learn how to apply varnish like Malcolm Crosby.

During our times at Crosby Yacht Yard, we also got to know Teddy Crosby and he made a set of spars for FLASH our Crosby Harbor Cat.  The yard has been a living version of  the New England sailing/boat building tradition carried forward into the 21st century.  It is not a step back in time, but a step forward into the future of boating.

We miss the departure of the Black Gull with swivel seats and a short order cook over a stove.  Plus, they had a walk up window for cones and frappes.  But, I guess one can’t get all one’s wishes.

The sea has been a place for me for many reasons and Crosby Yacht Yard has helped me return each August to man’s common sacrament.

Just wanted to say thank you for help in finding the transient dockage for me at Crosby Yacht last week, my family and I enjoyed a great week and used the boat daily. Your accommodations were fantastic and the guys I met at the fuel dock were friendly, helpful and informative.

Thanks again, I hope we can do business in the future.

Dave K.


Thanks for taking such good care of Tomboy over the years. I shall miss her, of course, and the Crosby team. Thanks also for the recent, coordinated effort to get her ready for sale and the way the transaction was handled. Please pass my thanks down through your organization to all who contributed.


My name is Giacomo and I was born and still reside on the south shore of Long Island.

In the late 1980s, My grandfather bought a 1979 Crosby Hawk 29 and used it for commercial fishing. In 2000 my dad bought the Crosby from my grandfather and has turned it into our families recreational fishing and pleasure boat. Over the years My father and I have re powered, restored and rebuilt much of the boat and we continue to make many more great memories on her.

Now that my son is 5, fishing and loving the sea as I do, it is great to see that this boat that I grew up on, is now seeing it’s 4th generation of enjoyment.

I write this email to thank you for building such a reliable, seaworthy, comfortable and fish catching custom boat that has withstood the test of time and pride as part of our family for 4 generations.

For my fathers 50th birthday I am looking to purchase a plaque or logo to proudly display the Crosby yaucts name and 29 Hawk model. If possible I would like to purchase 2 logos (port and stbd) for my father. If they are unavailable for sale do you have a decal with the name that you may be able attach in an email.

Thank you for your time.


Dave Pulsifer was excellent!  I expect I will be a repeat customer.


I have been a customer at Crosby’s for more than 50 years.

Cheryl Niemi, Crosby’s office manager, is a mainstay at the yard. She has excellent customer service skills and offers personal attention no matter what the question. She’s always happy and smiling and ready to help, and seems to love her job. Heidi Leonard is efficient and organized. She manages all moorings and dockage reservations at Crosby, and keeps customers up to date with her friendly e-mails in the event of impending bad weather or hurricanes. Transient customers appreciate her knowledge of the area and helpful suggestions for visiting yachtsmen.

Malcolm Crosby is the head paint department foreman, and is known as one of the best, if not the best, experienced and professional yacht painters in the region. His varnish finishes are works of art and he takes personal pride with any project that leaves his shop. Many years of experience working with both wood and fiberglass vessels. Widely respected by peers and vessel owners alike. A true craftsman who embraces modern materials and applies them with utmost pride and professionalism.

Tom Marra is the fuel-dock manager, and he’s always ready to assist you with a smile. Friendly and ready to grab your lines as you arrive at their fuel dock to tie up, and ready to help you when it is time to depart. Overall, a truly outstanding gang.


What a great organization to buy from Thank you!  Your staff was outstanding.