Southport Boats

Crosby Yacht Yard has been honored and excited to represent the famous Southport Boats line for many years and for many reasons. However, to us, the most important motivation is our confidence in the safety, quality and premium performance of the Hunt hull designed Southport Boats.

Handcrafted in Maine, every Southport Boat is manufactured with the finest materials available. Utilizing some of the most advanced and modern construction techniques and processes, every Southport Boat is a long lasting reflection of pride and quality workmanship.

Southport Boats’ excellent reputation truly revolves around its performance attributes. Experienced boaters recognize that there is so much more to performance than a simple top speed claim at wide open throttle. A Southport Boat excels in the real use world, and across the performance spectrum at both varying speeds and different conditions. One sea trial illustrates what cannot be fully described in words or descriptions. In fact, we always invite (and in fact encourage) a sea-trial for anyone seriously considering a move into the first-class center console market.

Southport Boat models currently available include the 272, the 292 and the 33. All models are available in a variety of configurations and can be equipped for hard core fishing, fun family day boating; or any combination

EXPERIENCE EXCELLENCE at an affordable investment. Contemporary styling, unmatched performance and ride, enviable fit and finish with drive away prices beginning at $152,500.

Come test ride one for yourself!

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